Contracts and Commercial

TENDERING STRUCTURE AND PROCESSING (Please note we are not a legal firm)

Straa provides consulting services to clients in setting up various Tendering structure and processing of the Tender in Oil & Gas Downstream segment, ensure that the best interests of our clients are maintained at all the times during the execution of contracts.

Our Consultants have vast experience in all phases of project for large scale contract and procurement, tender processing and evaluation, contract management and control.

We offer:

  • Pre-qualification of Bidders
  • Set up tendering structure, contracting strategies and basis of tender packages
  • Review scope of works, price schedule etc. for clarity, completeness and contractual aspects
  • Prepare contract execution strategies
  • Conduct bid evaluation.
  • Set Contract formulation
  • Support post contract award management

For various Tenders in large project of our clients, we ensure the there is no inconsistency among different Project Teams while processing the Tender.