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Oil & Gas Downstream Project:

Straa provided consultancy services to one of our clients (in Asia) in Downstream Oil and Gas project execution. Some of the expertise shared by our team with client in integrated Refinery, Aromatics and Petrochemicals capital project management process are:

  • Initial screening & Feasibility studies; Downstream value chain
  • Project - Economic evaluation, FEED, Project execution strategy assessment
  • Address project key issues and opportunities
  • Assessment of oil price outlook; Analysis of commercial attractiveness of the project

Refinery , Aromatics and Petrochemical Technologies:

One of our clients wanted to have more insights about refining and petrochemical technology for new and existing facilities (in the U.S. and globally). Specifically, our client wanted to make assessment of the process for licensing technologies and it’s competitiveness. We provided adequate consultancy services to client and provided an overview on the market landscape, pace of innovation and barrier to entry etc in downstream technologies.

We also helped our client in conducting economic analysis of integrated Refinery, Petrochemical as well as Aromatics industries for application of various competitive licensing technologies .

Ethylene Cracker in Petrochemical Market:

Straa helped Client (in China) to set up effective capex investment strategy for building ethane crackers and converting naphtha crackers to ethane crackers, in the global market with a focus in North America. We also helped our Client to gain a better understanding of key trends, competitive dynamics, and expected areas of growth, along with addressing the potential technical issues being faced by market participants in the space.

Downstream Refining Commercial Operating Model:

Straa provided assistance to one of our clients (in Europe) for conducting study on Downstream Refining Commercial Operating Models (in the region and globally) with specific focus to organize / manage the integrated crude and product optimization and the collaboration between Refining & Trading. Our team also addressed the main criteria for decision making regarding crude and product sales/supply and how is optimization integrated across Supply, Refining & Trading, key KPIs and strategies to build successful Joint Venture Cooperation in Refining with effective commercial operating model..

Multiple FEED :

Straa offered assistance to one of our clients (in Asia) to set up Multiple FEED execution strategies and approaches for Grass-roots integrated Refinery and Petrochemical Project. Also our team helped our client in executing a multiple technology competition on an integrated FEED and EPC bidding processes.

Shale Gas Ethane based Petrochemical Projects in US:

For our Client (in China) Straa supported in conducting Feasibility Analysis and provided effective strategies to develop Shale Gas Ethane based petrochemical projects in US with integrated supply chain in global perspective. Our team also provided analysis of Ethylene product cash cost scenario on Ethane price from US and it's competitiveness on use of ethane as major feedstock for Petrochemical complex

Industrial Control and Automation:

Straa provided a broad overview to one of our clients for Industrial Control and Automation design and configuration in O&G Downstream segment.

Key areas covered by our team are latest state-of the art control and automation system applications, digitalization in factory automation/optimization and how new technologies could integrate into production systems to enhance automation.

Downstream Capital Projects in Middle East:

Straa conducted risk assessment and provided effective approach to our Client (in Middle East) with likelihood of scenarios in order to avoid capex project delays and cost overruns. Projects covered are project development of delayed coker, FCC and Steam Cracker including associated downstream units

Fuel Retails:

Straa provided advisory services to Client in Middle East on market landscape of the fuel retail space (UAE, KSA) including the business models, franchise landscape, and structure of the market. Straa supported in conducting economic analysis of different fuel retailing structures, provided overview on fuel and non-fuel sales potential approach into wider retailing network in the region for better revenue

Our team supported client to make analysis of future trends, upcoming changes of the fuel retail space in the region, options of acquisitions of existing filling stations, plan for joint development of fuel retailing in coming years.

We also provided consultancy services to client for setting up effective business models, channel of various trade structures, including franchising options to increase the level of participation and drive returns that can be deployed successfully for fuel retailing.

Integrated Refinery & Petrochemical Project (Asia):

Straa has been providing consultancy services to one of our clients (in Asia) on setting effective practices in planning, design and project development for greenfield major oil refinery and Petrochemical complex with specific focus on integrated accompanying infrastructure, surrounding industrial park and relevant regulations and norms..

(Please note, due to confidentiality nature of service with our Clients, Straa wouldn’t be able to share the details…)

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