About Us


Arup Dhar is the Founder and Chairman of Straa Energy Limited, UK. Being Chartered Engineer and Fellow (The Institution of Engineering and Technology - London), Arup has been in the world-class oil and gas downstream industries for over 35 years with extensive experience in all phases of life-cycle mega projects development and operation for many prestigious and reputed oil companies globally.

Through Straa energy, Arup brings together with Leadership Team, a wealth of rich global expertise and vast network of experienced professionals to achieve strategic business objective with sustainable growth for Clients in Oil & Gas Downstream and Energy industries.

Our Leaders:

  • Senior industry experts, in Energy and Chemical Industries
  • 15 to 30+ years’ global expertise with SOCs, GOCs and IOCs, Contractors, Consultants etc
  • Committed and experienced Professional
  • Works with best practices and norms towards Clients’ Business enhancement
  • Strong track record of successful performances in downstream oil and energy sectors around the world.

Straa Energy expert Consultant would be pleased to discuss your requirements
For career enquires, please visit straaenergy.co.uk/careers