Management Consulting


Straa can support the client to conducts various studies during FEED (Front End Engineering Design) stage to figure out technical issues and analysis of investment cost estimation. Straa ensures that sufficient level of details are made to finalize the scope definition of the project, assess its value and economics.

Straa Consultants support in detailed planning and FEED development during FEED Stage to ensure that activities performed during Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Stage are executed, monitored, and controlled properly.

Straa’s experts can provide support to clients to perform FEED activities in an integrated manner.

During the FEED stage, any mismatch or discrepancies observed by Straa experts in the documents are properly coordinated with clients for necessary actions to correct the mismatch / discrepancies.

Straa can maintain a close coordination with the client, reflect client’s intentions and specific requirement in FEED Package with objectives to avoid any major change, risk or cost additions during EPC stage.