Diversified Services


Our dedicated, consultants are internationally leaders in their respective fields. These resources can be offered to you on an “as-needed, on-call” basis as required to provide services to your specific industry, project or organizational needs.

Straa's Consultants can seamlessly integrate with Clients as key project team members, providing targeted, consultancy services, wherever needed, for as long as required while enhancing business objectives for our Clients.

With team of highly experienced and innovative Consultants, Straa can provide best possible effective solutions in Oil & Gas Downstream and Energy Industries, within the framework of relevant norms and practices.

Wherever you operate, we make it our priority to work closely with your team, provide effective solutions towards enhancement of your business.

Call us when technical excellence, efficiency, quality services do matter to your success in global competiveness.

Straa Energy expert Consultant would be pleased to discuss your requirements
For career enquires, please visit straaenergy.co.uk/careers